Our Team

Super Linh

Linh joined us in 2014.

Many of you already know her as the kind person sending you sweet messages with personalized Chula selections or contacting you after online purchases.

From her sensibility to her spontaneity & professionalism, she will do everything to make you feel special and happy.

She is the mother of a very cute little girl and a very talented sale girl.

Thank you for everything Linh!


Nhung joined Chula Family in 2017.
She is one of our newest members!

 Nhung fitted within the team very smoothly as she has been a very fast learner!
She is very talented and one of our fastest sewing girl!

 Thank you so much for joining us and adding your art and personality to our Chula dresses!

Super OANH

Oanh joined Chula Family in 2010.

 Oanh is part of the second wave of Chula artists: When Chula started growing and the demand became higher that what the workshop could possibly produce. Diego and Laura then decided to visit Hoa Sua, a Tailoring School for disabled people, and hired several students to join Chula Team.

 Oanh is a very kind a helpful soul.
Thank you so much for your smile and hard work Oanh!

Super LIEN

Lien joined Chula in 2007.

 Despite of her young age, she is one of our most talented sewing girl! She works very fast and gained a lot of know-how in short amount of time.

 Lien is also the mother of two adorable babies.
Thank you so much for your hard work for all these years Lien!