Slow Fashion

Our 4 Pillars are…

- Unique Design - We create unique dresses so our Customers can wear one-of-a-kind garments.
- Hand-Made - Our workshop is located at the second floor of our main Shop in Hanoi. With a limited production capacity, we guarantee the quality of each product.


- Within 29 employees, 80% suffer physical disabilities. Our corporate language is sign language. We promote the treasures and skills of our people

- A Message - We believe Fashion can have a real impact on maintaining Traditions and displaying different Cultures around around the World. Our Collections are usually strongly linked to Minorities or Cultural symbols from Vietnam and Around the World.
- Artisanal - Our production follows artisan tailoring processes. This also allows us to create custom made products.


- We Care - We are a company producing clothes that people care about, but also a company who cares about its people. We don't do outsourcing & we follow the traceability of our products.
- Eco-Friendly - We trust in sustainable fashion and zero waste.
We create furniture and accessories with leftovers fabrics from our workshop.