Customer Testimonials

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Donna Favorito

18 August 2018

I could not be happier that I discovered (i.e., was introduced to) Chula. I can't speak highly enough of them. Not only so they design and make beautiful, high quality, one-of-a-kind clothing, but they are socially responsible too. 75% of their employees are disabled--that's pretty amazing. Their customer service is second to none. Keep up the good work Laura, Diego and the rest of the Chula team!

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Ojo del Gato

27 June 2016

Très bel endroit avec des créations uniques. L'Occident y rejoint l'Orient, festival de coupes d'inspiration vietnamienne, couleur et symboliques du monde entier. Le lieu est connu de tous (il y a deux boutiques à Hanoi mais le show room principal se trouve face au Lac de l'Ouest et il est animé de belle manière par Diego et Laura, créateurs de la marque Chula

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Ojo del Gato

November 2018

One of my favourite spots in Tay Ho. It's a huge building filled with beautiful clothes and lovely spots to drink their coffee and spirits. The staff are incredibly lovely. Wonderful place to go on a rainy day to sit and write or read. They offer handmade clothes that are stunningly beautiful, but they are a bit expensive. However you will get some amazing quality pieces. 

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Jack Blackburn

September 2019

Amazing style, welcoming and friendly owners and staff. Very thoughtful and fun products with a worldly perspective. I love supporting this family and their fashion products.

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Hoang Minh Chau

24 July 2016

Fun, colorful and glamourous designs, drawing inspiration from love, art, culture and life. Chula definitely helps you stand out whenever you go, wherever you are, whatever you do

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Sorcha Ress Chisholm

26 August 2019

Amazing design and a lot of heart goes into the well being of the dressmakers and the dresses themselves.

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Eric Englebert

3 May 2019

Chula The Best Brand, quality, finish, and always at the forefront of fashion as well in clothing as in decoration, handbags, and small accessories.

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Gae Pignataro

4 November 2018

Wonderful and unique design.
High quality.
Outstanding service.
Strongly suggested!!!!!!!!

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Charlotte Buchholtz

18 November 2016

A unique fusion of Asian and Spanish style. Extraordinary clothing with love for the detail.

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Ha Thu Dang

1 June 2019

The glamorous fashion designer, we love theirs design. in term of color's and styles that brought you into the beauty of the naturalcolors 😘🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳