Chula Pop-Ups


What is a Chula Pop-Up?

Chula Pop-Ups are a 1-2 day event that works in collaboration with another business such as other retail shops, boutique hotels, restaurants, art galleries, etc...

They are open to anyone passing by or anyone that is interested. We also hold private Pop-Ups in collaboration with friends and close clients who offer to host the event at their home.


What if you
don't have my size?

If you find a dress that you love but we didn't bring it in your size, worry not!

A significant part of Pop Ups consist in taking custom orders. At the event, we will take your full body measurements. These measurements will then be kept in our system for if you choose to buy another dress later. 


How can I organize a
Chula Pop-Up in my city?

We are always looking for new opportunities to bring Chula world to a new city.

If you want to organize a Chula Pop-Up in your city, write us an email and we will inform you in detail about the processes.

Chula Pop Up in Cambodia