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About the Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Tet -or The Lunar New Year - is the most important holiday in Vietnam. It marks the arrival of spring and the start of a new year based on the Lunar calendar.

Tet celebrations usually last for the first 7 days of the new lunar calendar.
Preparations for this event are significant, including numerous domestic duties such as deep cleaning homes and traditional cooking sessions. It is also a time families visit pagodas and cemeteries in order to honor their ancestors.
The majority of Vietnamese people enjoy this national holiday in their hometowns with their families for the whole week.  

Among the many traditions of Tet, the Chula team's favorite is watching Hanoi blossom into spring as the streets are lined with the flowering Tet trees.

These trees include Peach Blossom, Kumquat, and Orange Trees, which are offered without reserve to relatives and friends as symbols of wealth, luck and fertility for the coming year.

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