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Each Month, we present you a member of Chula Family #Whomakemyclothes #Socialcompany

Super THAO

Beautiful Thao started working for Chula in 2007! 

She is a very talented Tailor and has been in charge of sewing your unique dresses for the past 12 years!

Thao is a very modern women who just got married last summer. She is also the mother of a very cute one year old kid!

Thank you for your patience and your precious work for all these years Thao!

Super Hoai

Hoai has been with us for more than 9 years already!

She is the one guilty for your love for Chula Embroidery Details.

She is one of our shyest member but also one of our more precious artist! 

Perfectionist and very hard working, she is also a very kind and tender person.

Thank you for your Art and Precious Talents Hoai!

Super Huong

Huong is a member of Chula Family since 2008. 

She is a woman full of life enjoying every bite of it.

Apart from being an outstanding sewing girl for the past 11 years, she is also very curious and loves travelling with her friends.

She is also a very positive person and can spend hours at the gym.

Your smile is very contagious Huong, thank you for everything!

Super ngoc

Ngoc was one of the first member of Chula Family.

She started as a sewing girl for us when Chula wasn't even created as an official company.
Thanks to her, our sketches could transform into unique dresses.

She is a very hard working person and always eager to help the others.

Thank you so much for staying with us all this time Ngoc!

SUper coco

Coco has been part of Chula Family for 5 years already.

She is the master of fashion shows planning and photo-shoots booking.

She is also the mother of one little girl and a very generous person.

Thank you for everything Coco!