Here comes Chula SUPER Team!

Diego Cortizas
Co-founder & Designer

Laura Fontan
Co-founder & Manager

Chula Administrative Team

Linh, Sales and Customer Relationship

Hoa, Accountant

Quynh Anh, Workshop Manager

Thuy, Cutting Manager

Ngoc, Stock Manager

Thuy, Fabric Manager

Our Artists - The ones responsible of your love for Chula

- Click on their profile to get to know them -

Hang, Sewing

Thu, Embroidery by Hand

Huong, Sewing

Nguyet Anh, Sewing

Hoai, Embroidery by Hand

Nhung, Sewing

Oanh, Sewing

Thuy, Embroidery by Machine

Thao, Sewing

Trang, Painting

Hoa, Embroidery by Hand

Nhung, Sewing

Tho, Sewing

Nhung, Chula Bar

Chuc, Sewing

Duong, Sewing

Dung, Cutting

Phuong, Painting

Lien, Sewing